Marie Kondo’s magical art of tidying up has taken the world by storm since Netflix released Tidying Up based on the simple yet ingenious idea that if your possessions don’t spark joy it is time to let them go. De-cluttering has a powerful impact on your energy and mood so if throwing or giving away the things that no longer spark joy can give you energy and a new lease of life why stop with your living space, it might be time to Marie Kondo your life!
Just like we accumulate stuff, we also go through life accumulating ideas, habits and even relationships that we keep long after all the joy has gone. Spring has traditionally been a time for cleaning, getting rid of the old to allow space for the new. Here are three things you can spring clean right now to create space for your life to expand.


We pick up beliefs, mostly as children, from various sources; from our parents, society or the culture we belong to. Sometimes they make sense, but more often than not they slow us down and keep us stuck. What we believe has a major impact on how we show up in the world and yet we rarely examine our beliefs to see if we still believe them or whether they still serve us. Our thinking needs to grow and evolve just as we do, so take some time to get clear on what you believe and decide whether you want to take that belief into your future or replace it with something new.

Think of different areas of your life, money, relationships, work, family, friends, personal development, and spirituality are some examples. Pay particular attention to the areas you would like to be different and ask yourself ‘What do I believe about…..?  Trust the first thing that comes up, and sit with it for a few minutes to see what follows. Write down everything that pops into your head. Now look at those beliefs and decide whether you want to keep it, chuck it or re-frame it.


This is a controversial one, but we need to look at it. We often maintain friendships and other relationships well passed their best by date, this serves no-one and it is no-one’s fault if you outgrow a friendship or a relationship, it is something that happens naturally as we grow (or not as the case may be). If you have a friendship or relationship that always creates more stress and friction in your life than joy and harmony make a decision, is it time to lovingly let it go or repair it so that it does bring you joy? Remember that no relationship is in perfect harmony all the time, but if it drains you more than energises you over a sustained period of time it may be time to say goodbye. You can still be kind and gently withdraw your time and energy from people who consistently drain you.  


Another area of our lives that tends to go unchecked is our habits, we get into routines and patterns and then switch to automatic pilot. Social media and the quick fix era we live in doesn’t help. We might think watching 6 hours of our favourite series is relaxing but it may actually be sucking the life right out of you, the same goes for scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Does procrastinating really serve you or would jumping into action feel much more enlivening? Are there things that you’ve gotten out of the habit of doing that really bring you bliss? A long soak in the bath perhaps or just a quiet coffee in your favourite café, or a night out dancing your socks off? This week spring clean your habits by asking yourself ‘Does this energise me or drain me?

These are three great ways to start de-cluttering your life and making room for new, fresh energy to enter. What are you waiting for!

If you want to explore more deeply use the journaling prompt below to gain even more insight in what needs to be spring cleaned in your life.

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