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Unveiling the 5 Signs of Spiritual Bypassing and Discovering a Holistic Path

In our quest for spiritual growth and self-discovery, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing. This term refers to the tendency to use spiritual beliefs and practices as a way to avoid facing and dealing with our emotional and psychological challenges. While spirituality can provide solace and guidance, it’s essential to be aware of the signs of spiritual bypassing to ensure we embark on a truly transformative journey. In this blog post, we will explore five common signs of spiritual bypassing and offer alternative approaches that lead to genuine healing and growth.

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Make a Winter Wonder Plan!

2020 has been a tough year, there is no doubt about it! I for one am running out of steam, motivation is low and I´m wondering whether this pandemic will ever end and if it does what will be at the other side of it? I´m noticing the lows are coming more often and lasting longer, and I know I´m not alone. And that´s okay. We are human beings dealing with an unprecedented level of uncertainty and change and we don´t have our usual stress-busting outlets available to us so we can expect things to feel a but more challenging

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Could the way you respond to good news be damaging your relationships?

When we think of being a good partner, parent, or friend one of the first things that spring to mind is being supportive when things go wrong or when times are tough. We pride ourselves on how well we help our loved ones through the sh*t that life slings at us, which is of course hugely important, but did you know that how you respond to good news could actually be damaging your relationships? We rarely think about how we show up for other people when things go well and life is good but recent research shows that how we respond to life´s joys and

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3 Books to Help You up Your Money Game (it´s all about mindset)

Whether you´re trying to break out of the cycle of living pay cheque to pay cheque or you´re ready to up level your income to 5, 6  or even 7 figures one thing is certain, you need to work on your mindset as well as incorporate practical strategies to create more abundance in your life. Most of us have limiting beliefs around money that we need to clear out before we can lean into what is truly available to us, whether we buy into the old axioms that  money doesn´t grow on trees or money is the root of all evil or have

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Our Collective Grief

I thought I was handling the lock-down well, here in Spain we are already in our third week of full lock-down, only being allowed out to go to the supermarket or walk the dog, and only when absolutely necessary. I was getting on with things, keeping positive, trying to hold on to some semblance of a routine until I couldn´t access a streamed yoga class I wanted to attend and things fell apart. I cried, not the usual tears of frustration that sometimes flow when I can´t get a handle on technology, but tears of sadness, a sadness that had

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Shadow work coach

How to Communicate for Deeper Connection.

Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships and yet we pay very little attention to it until it goes wrong. Whether it´s the family member expects you to read their mind or the boss who is clumsy at giving feedback, we all know someone who could do with a crash course in communication skills. But how often do we take the time to reflect on our own communication skills and styles? And how often do we take those reflections and use them to inform our next difficult conversation or to actively build deeper connections? Not very often, and the thing

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Start the new year the right way-by throwing your Resolutions out the window!

Every year there is a mad dash to make promises on New Year’s Eve, New Year, new me and all that jazz, and every year begins with a spate of broken promises, some new start that is. This year there is the added stress of the turning of the decade, social media is rife with it, talk about pressure. So this year I suggest you throw New Year’s resolutions out the window and here´s why. ​Winter is the season for slowing down and turning inward. Yet we spend the darkest part of the season resisting this call to pause and reflect, to move more slowly,

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Grief self-care at Christmas

Whether 2 months or 20 years have passed, when you’ve lost a loved one Christmas can be hard. We are sold the myth that we get over grief and can be caught off guard when a sudden wave of emotion comes over us and leaves us feeling like we have been transported back to an earlier part of our grief journey. These waves can happen at any time and often unexpectedly but they are perfectly normal.  Here are 5 simple  things to do to help you get through the festive season when you are feeling the absence of someone you love. Recognise that

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Give Yourself the Gift of Mindfulness this Holiday Season

We live in an increasingly complex world and with digitalization and information overload we are in a constant state of distraction. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed the added pressure that comes with the holiday season can be enough to tip us over the edge. The greatest gift we can give ourselves this year is the practice of mindfulness: the gift of attention, of being fully and non-judgmentally in the present moment. With its origins in Buddhist philosophy the practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years. The benefits are wide-ranging and no longer anecdotal with prestigious universities such as

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Want to hire a coach? Read this first.

Deciding to hire a coach is a big decision. Whether you are feeling stuck and unsure where the ‘stuckness’ is coming from or you want to work on a concrete topic like communication skills or stress management or you are looking for accountability to get a new business moving forward consistently, partnering with a professional can be daunting- but it doesn’t have to be. If you are considering working with a coach, here are some tips to help you make the best choice for you.   ​ Understand what coaching is Coaching has a positive impact on your thoughts, behaviours and emotions

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