The Inner Work will never be done, and that´s a good thing!

​I was speaking to someone recently who lamented the fact that no matter how much inner work she does she never seems to be finished. She wasn’t impressed when I told her the inner work would never be finished!! But that´s a good thing, and I´ll tell you why. If you are doing the inner work, in […]

Watch your language!

Are the words you choose holding you back? How we speak is something we take for granted, and something we think of as fixed (that´s how I speak) and inconsequential. We pay little attention to the words we choose and they could be holding us back, dis-empowering us and leading to less than ideal results.  ​ ​Women, in […]

Goal Fatigue- how to spot it & stop it before it crushes your dreams!

If your get up and go has got up and gone and the joy, energy and enthusiasm you once felt for your goals is turning into exhaustion, frustration and a sense of obligation you may suffering from goal fatigue. Goal fatigue can happen to anyone, but recognising the signs and putting some simple procedures in […]

Grief Myths Part 2- let´s start getting real about grief.

In part 1 of this 2-part series, we looked at 5 of the most common misconceptions about grief; things people say ad-lib that we have come to believe to be true. These false beliefs can often make us feel like we are doing it wrong when it comes to our grief, but each grief we experience is […]

Marie Kondo your LIFE!

Marie Kondo’s magical art of tidying up has taken the world by storm since Netflix released Tidying Up based on the simple yet ingenious idea that if your possessions don’t spark joy it is time to let them go. De-cluttering has a powerful impact on your energy and mood so if throwing or giving away the things that no longer […]

Busting Grief Myths- don´t believe everything you hear!

In our fast-paced, grief-avoidant society we rush to tick the task of grieving off our to-do list as quickly as possible. We don’t want to embrace pain or suffering or confront the reality of our own mortality and many misconceptions about grief and grieving are born from this.  Everybody experiences grief yet nobody wants to talk […]

What´s in a Word?

Have you heard of the word of the year? The word of the year is a really easy way to create a laser focus on your goals so that every choice and decsion you make is in aligment with what you want to achieve. It´s so simple yet surprisingly effective.    The word you choose encapsulates […]

Do you want to crush your goals this year? Make them SMART!

Do you want to crush your goals this year? Run them through the SMART goal filter and experience the difference. If you Google SMART goals you will see many different variations of the acronym, all of which yield results. The version I am going to share with you is the one I have found to […]

Forget New Years Resolutions, Do This Instead……

New Year’s resolutions are not goals; they are pledges that have an unhealthy dose of the shame and guilt attached to them, and more often than not when you dig a little deeper you’ll find a silent Should  lurking in the background. If you´re like most people, your New Year´s Resolutions have already been relegated to the mental drawer […]

Self-care, it’s not all massages and manicures.

Self-care is a word that’s bandied around a lot, but what exactly is it and why do we still put it at the bottom of our list of priorities? When you hear the term self-care it tends to conjure up images of massages and manicures, eating chocolate, drinking wine and cosy nights snuggled up on the sofa watching […]