Whether you´re trying to break out of the cycle of living pay cheque to pay cheque or you´re ready to up level your income to 5, 6  or even 7 figures one thing is certain, you need to work on your mindset as well as incorporate practical strategies to create more abundance in your life.

Most of us have limiting beliefs around money that we need to clear out before we can lean into what is truly available to us, whether we buy into the old axioms that  money doesn´t grow on trees or money is the root of all evil or have an inner sense that affluence is for other people and making real money is beyond your reach, we can all benefit from doing a bit of work on our money mindset.

All three books challenge us to look at how we view money and how we relate to it, they encourage us to take back our power around money and move from fearing it to appreciating it for all it allows us to do.

Here, in no particular order, are my top 3 money mindset books.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

​I love this book; I have just finished reading it for the second time as I ready myself to reach my next income level. It has a nice mixture of manifesting woowoo combined with down to earth coaching exercises that help you to identify and change your beliefs about money and your ability to make it. Reading this book feels like a pleasant conversation with a good friend over coffee. An easy, light read that in no way detracts from the power of the content.

My favourite take-away from Get Rich is the idea of upgrading your life incrementally so you don´t freak out and sabotage your efforts. This basically translates into growing your abundance comfort zone by up levelling a little at a time, so instead of aiming to go from being broke to being a multi-millionaire you first aim to have a little left over at the end of each month, when that feels comfortable and easy you can aim to increase your wealth a little more so that you gradually expand your comfort zone, a strategy that works when changing any area of your life.

I believe that it´s the small steps that lead to the greatest progress so this philosophy being echoed in Get Rich Lucky Bitch was probably one of the biggest draws for me. This really is a gem of a book.

Find our more about Denise Duffield Thomas and her programs here https://www.luckybitch.com/

Worthy by Nancy Levin​

Another favourite of mine, and next on my re-read list. Nancy, like Denise, is also coach so I appreciate her style which is thought-provoking and challenging but in a non-confrontational way. She looks at beliefs around money, fears,  responsibility, personal power, and desire, all the things that women tend to struggle with when it comes to earning or making what we´re worth.

She also includes exercises to identify the underlying commitments we have that cause us to sabotage our efforts. An example of an underlying commitment might be the commitment to maintain harmony in your family by not outshining (or out earning) your partner, siblings or even your parents. We make these commitments in different circumstances and it often takes a little bit of digging to uncover them, but once we do we can really allow the change to come in.

Many of the exercises Nancy has included can be applied to other areas of your life where you feel stuck. Another breezy read that will make you deep dive into to your blocks so you can start making what you´re worth.

Nancy´s other books are also well worth reading, check out Nancy Levin here https://nancylevin.com/

Overcoming Under-earning by Barbara Stanny (now known as Barbara Huson)

​This is the least woowoo of the list while still maintaining some spiritual undertones. Like the previous two it has lots of exercises to help you uncover the internal blocks to earning what you deserve.

The book consists of a 5-step plan to overcoming under-earning which includes admitting where you´re at, taking back your power around money (see the themes here!!)  committing to your goal and accepting that discomfort is necessary for change.

What differentiates this one from the previous two is that Barbara Stanny takes a more practical approach and doesn´t seem to believe anything is possible. She includes some tough love which may make you assess whether it is in fact time to face the truth that your business/dream job/side hustle is never going to allow you to reach your income goals and maybe you need to let go of one dream in favour of another.
Check Barbara out here (under her new name ) ​https://www.barbara-huson.com/

When it comes to our personal growth; whether it´s our relationship with ourselves, other people or in this case money there is always something to learn, uncover or get rid of.  These books can be read and re-read and you will discover something new each time, if you actually do the exercises. Buy, read, re-read and actually do the exercises (or you won´t see much of a change- it´s like watching workout videos on YouTube and expecting to get a 6-pack). Approach these books with an attitude of curiosity you will get exactly what you need from them in this moment and you might even see some exciting changes in your finances and relationship with money.

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