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Goal Fatigue- how to spot it & stop it before it crushes your dreams!

If your get up and go has got up and gone and the joy, energy and enthusiasm you once felt for your goals is turning into exhaustion, frustration and a sense of obligation you may suffering from goal fatigue. Goal fatigue can happen to anyone, but recognising the signs and putting some simple procedures in place will help you maintain your motivation and drive and keep moving towards those dreams of yours. How to Recognise Goal Fatigue When we are striving for a big goal it takes time and dedicated effort and it is normal to have a slump where you lose

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What´s in a Word?

Have you heard of the word of the year? The word of the year is a really easy way to create a laser focus on your goals so that every choice and decsion you make is in aligment with what you want to achieve. It´s so simple yet surprisingly effective.    The word you choose encapsulates what you are creating in your life this year, a guiding principal to genlty bring you back to centre when you start to drift away from your dreams. Think of your word(s) of the year, as the theme for this year, a kind of one-word mantra

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Do you want to crush your goals this year? Make them SMART!

Do you want to crush your goals this year? Run them through the SMART goal filter and experience the difference. If you Google SMART goals you will see many different variations of the acronym, all of which yield results. The version I am going to share with you is the one I have found to generate the best outcomes, both by using it myself and with my clients. Before we get into the nitty gritty of making your goals SMART and what that involves,  take a few minutes to get clear on what areas of your life you want to

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Forget New Years Resolutions, Do This Instead……

New Year’s resolutions are not goals; they are pledges that have an unhealthy dose of the shame and guilt attached to them, and more often than not when you dig a little deeper you’ll find a silent Should  lurking in the background. If you´re like most people, your New Year´s Resolutions have already been relegated to the mental drawer of broken promises, that´s if you even bothered to make any. Resolutions usually come from a sense of not being good enough and needing to improve and as if that wasn’t bad enough they end up being another stick to beat ourselves with when we don’t

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